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Introduction |
  • Quick start from here: icon ORFprimer
  • Download from here : SourceForge.net Logo
  • Simple usage
    • ORFprimer is almost self-explanatory
    • The graphical user interface (GUI) simplyfies the handling.
  • Compatibility
    • ORFprimer was implemented in Java
    • ORFprimer is platform independent
    • ORFprimer can be executed on different machines: Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix,...
  • Online accessibility
  • Data management
    • ORFprimer includes tools to set up your own database.
    • Concurrently (MySQL,Oracle and Micosoft Access) are supported.
    • Alternatively, the data can be written to files (e.g. fasta format).
  • High throughput computation
    • ORFprimer can be used to compute primers for up to thousands of target sequences.
    • This procedure can be automated furthermore by reading the targets through text files.
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